BK Two-Way Radio Rental Information
As of 7.11.2013

Weekly Monthly Includes Extras
Handheld Radio
Charger, Case, Battery, Speaker Mic.
$20 one time program/tuning fee.  Spare Batt. $5/wk or $10/mth
Mobile Radio
Mic, Power cord, Bracket
$20 one time program/tuning fee. 
Cell Phone
Charger, Case, Battery
Spare Batt $5/wk or $10/mth
Globalstar Sat Phone

$100 one week 
$175 two weeks 
Plus Minute rate

$250 & Minute Rate
AC Charger, Car Charger, Case
Spare Batt $15/mth


  1. Customers should be advised to purchase an VHF antenna if rental exceeds a few months.
  2. Installations are extra on all rentals. 
  3. Credit card security deposit or extablished charge account required.
  4. Rental airtime for Globalstar billed out at $2.75/minute. No System access fee. No activation fee.
  5. Airtime for Cell Phone is not included.
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